Surgical Staple-Patent Number 5007921


Patent Number: 5007921

Abstract: A surgical staple is made from highly flexible material and has at least two piercing projections or points spaced from each other a first predetermined linear distance in a generally unstressed, neutral and inoperative condition of the staple. The staple is stressed in a selected fashion causing the piercing projections to be spaced from each other a second predetermined linear distance greater than the first predetermined linear distance. While the piercing projections are spaced from each other, the second predetermined linear distance under the induced forces, the staple is implanted by penetrating the skin with the piercing projections at opposite sides of an associated wound or incision. The forces are then removed from the surgical staple which inherently rebounds to its generally unstressed condition which in turn automatically draws opposite margins of the wound toward each other.

Filed: 10/26/1989

Date of Patent: April 16, 1991

Inventor: Alan W. Brown