Illuminating Speculum (International Application)

International Publication Number: WO2015164881A1

Abstract: Disclosed are apparatus for illuminating a central area of an eye by generally lamellar lighting during eye surgery. Basically, a support fixture carrying a light emitter is adapted to be placed adjacent to the surgical field. The support fixture, when in place on an eye, directs light from the light emitter toward the surgical field tangentially to the cornea, at an angle of from about 0 to 90 to the plane of the eye iris. The light entering the eye travels along the lamellae of the cornea in the manner of a light pipe. Very little, if any light reaches the back of the eye, avoiding patient discomfort, or is directed toward the surgical microscope as glare. This generally lamellar lighting combines scleral scatter and retro illumination. In preferred embodiments, the light emitter may be mounted on, or incorporated in, a conventional eyelid speculum or a fixation ring.

Filing Date: April 27, 2015

Publication Date: October 29, 2015

Inventor: Alan W. Brown