Corneal Marking Ink-Patent Number 11000343


Patent Number: 11000343

Abstract: The present disclosure relates generally to dry inks for use in marking the eye prior to surgery and methods of applying the same to eye marking devices. Such inks can include various accepted inks for use on the eye that can be applied to a marking device using relatively fast-evaporating solvents. In this manner, the remaining ink composition can be precisely placed on the eye marking device, and desirably transfer to the marking surface of the eye without dissolving on the journey through the various membranes above the marking surface. Application methods may include use of charged ink particles that may be advantageously manipulated using magnetic fields to even more precisely place the dry ink on a marking device.

Type: Grant

Filed: January 13, 2020

Date of Patent: May 11, 2021

Assignee: Mindskid Labs, LLC

Inventor: Alan Wesley Brown