Over the course of his career, Dr. Brown has invented numerous ophthalmic instruments for cataract and refractive surgery. As an ophthalmologist, he strives to give his patients the best vision possible. As an inventor, he aims to design state-of-the-art instruments to improve surgical processes and improve patient outcomes.

Please view Dr. Brown’s inventions below.

A.W. Brown Nucleus Cracker

Apparatus For Illuminating An Eye Related Application

Apparatus for illuminating an eye-Patent Number 10660629

Apparatus for illuminating an Eye-Patent Number 10660629

Applanation Tonometer-Patent Number 49857899

Brown Intacs Forceps

Brown Intacs Pocket Starter

Brown Lasek Butterfly Trephine

Brown Lasek Cannula

Brown Lasek Nested Trephine

Brown Limbal Relaxing Incision Guide

Brown Modular Adjustable Speculum

Brown Seton Inserter

Brown Swivel Toric Marker

Brown-Grabow Capsular Rhexis Forceps

Corneal Marking Ink-Patent Number 10548684

Corneal Marking Ink-Patent Number 11000343

Eye Marker Device With Electronic Positional Detection System And Tip Associated Therewith

Eye Marker Device with Electronic Positional Detection System and Tip Associated Therewith-Patent number 10945886

Eye Marker Device-Patent Number 10022271

Eye Marker Device-Patent Number 9283117

Eye Marker Tip-Patent Number 10786392

Eye Surgery Fixation Ring Instrument-Patent Number 373634

Illuminating Speculum (International Application)

Lamellar Illumination Apparatus For Eye Surgery-Patent Number 5582608

Lamellar Illumination Apparatus For Eye Surgery-Patent Number 5695492

Nucleus Splitter-Patent Number 5147368

RoboMarker® Corneal Marking System

Surgical Staple-Patent Number 5007921

Surgical Staple-Patent Number 5026390

Surgilūm Speculum™ and iLight™