Eye Marker Tip-Patent Number 10786392


Patent Number: 10786392

Abstract: The present invention provides an eye marker tip that includes a base, one or more marking wings, and a marking element attached to a marking wing and configured to deliver ink (or another indicator) to a surface of an eye. Embodiments may include a hollow or translucent post and light channel, or a base having a fixation button, to form a central light shape visible to a patient. Embodiments may include either or both of a magnifying lens and a parabolic light deflector, to form circles of light that may be used in connection with a central light shape to properly align the eye marker tip with a patient’s eye.

Type: Grant

Filed: July 19, 2017

Date of Patent: September 29, 2020

Assignee: Mindskid Labs, LLC

Inventor: Alan Wesley Brown