Apparatus for illuminating an Eye-Patent Number 10660629


Patent Number: 10660629

Abstract: The present invention provides an apparatus for illuminating the eye. This illumination may be by lamellar illumination, scleral scatter and retro illumination or a combination thereof. The apparatus comprises a speculum assembly and at least one light emitter assembly. The speculum assembly is adapted for magnetic attachment and includes a pair of flexible retractor arms extending from a speculum handle, each retractor arm including a retractor located distally from the speculum handle. The light emitter assembly is adapted for magnetic attachment and includes at least one flexible extension extending from a battery and circuit housing. The flexible extension includes a terminal optic emitter for adjusting the angle of inclination of light emitted therefrom. The speculum assembly and the light emitter assembly are magnetically mated together at one or more points of magnetic contact.

Type: Grant

Filed: March 29, 2018

Date of Patent: May 26, 2020

Assignee: Mindskid Labs, LLC

Inventor: Alan Wesley Brown