Nucleus Splitter-Patent Number 5147368


Patent Number: 5147368

Abstract: The invention is directed to a nucleus splitter adapted to crack a hard nucleus of an eye after the nucleus has been sculpted by a pair of crossed grooves which set-off four quadrants of the nucleus.  The nucleus splitter includes a pair of arms having first and second end portions united at a pivot which each end portion terminating in a relatively elongated narrow member having a laterally projecting nucleus splitting tip.  The second end portions of the arms are generally resilient and normally urge the narrow members and tips into abutment with each other along the plane through an axis of the pivot.  Finger and thumb pressure is applied to the medial portion of the arms causing the elongated narrow members to rock, pivot or spread apart and in doing so define an acute angle opening away from the pivot.  In this position the elongated narrow members and the entirety of the first and second arms remain on the same side of the plane as in the unstressed condition of the medial portion.

Filed: April 5, 1991

Date of Patent: Sept 15, 1992

Inventor: Alan W. Brown